Saving Energy with a Clear View

Refrigeration and lighting are the cause of ever higher energy costs in the retail food industry. Special door systems from SCHOTT deliver significant cost savings.

Energy is a valuable resource. This is especially important for the food retail industry. According to the EHI Retail Institute, the average German supermarket paid 55 euros per square meter for electricity in 2010. Assuming 2,000 square meters of sales floor space, this adds up to 110,000 euros per year. In addition, energy costs are rising by about ten percent each year. Therefore, getting rid of energy guzzlers pays off quickly: here, refrigeration accounts for 44 percent of total consumption, followed by lighting and air conditioning.

”The energy efficiency of refrigeration units can be increased by up to 60 percent just by using glass doors,” explains Freddy Oblack, General Sales Manager for Europe at SCHOTT Termofrost in Arvika, Sweden. ”Our door systems significantly reduce the temperature exchange between the refrigeration cabinet and the environment. They are easy to open, close automatically and are able to present products in a more attractive manner, thanks to their integrated lighting,” adds Tim Dye, Director of Sales and Marketing for Food Display at SCHOTT Gemtron for North America.

Door systems from SCHOTT consist of either one, two, or three panels of insulation glass and are ideally suited for normal chilled products at temperatures of up to + 2 degrees Celsius and frozen foods of up to – 25 degrees Celsius. Toughened safety glass that permanently withstands everyday use in supermarkets is used. Different sizes and designs are available for different retail applications.

Heated door systems are used to prevent the glass panels from fogging up in warm and humid environments. Here, the patented SCHOTT Termofrost® ECO-S system helps to lower power consumption by up to 60 percent. It constantly measures both the temperature and the humidity in the cooling chamber and the surrounding environment and thus keeps the heating at the lowest possible level.

SCHOTT Termofrost® ECO-Clear® doors were developed to offer an energy-efficient solution for deep-freeze applications. They are equipped with triple glazing and feature high thermal insulation. A transparent laminated anti-condensation foil reduces visible condensation when the doors are opened. This also means these passive doors don’t consume any energy. An anti-reflective coating can be applied to allow for unobstructed viewing. The door systems from SCHOTT allow for products to be arranged in a vertical manner to save space. And products can be displayed in an attractive manner by integrating LED or fluorescent lighting that can hardly be seen into the frame. The newly developed LED light from SCHOTT Gemtron sets standards for saving energy. Each door requires only 15 watts to produce light output of 1.300 lux. A motion sensor dims the light automatically when no movement is detected in front of the refrigeration unit. This allows for the power consumption to be lowered to only 4.5 watts per door.

Glass door systems from SCHOTT allow for refrigerated and frozen goods to be presented attractively and increase the energy efficiency of refrigeration units by up to 60 percent. Photo: SCHOTT/T. Bauer

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LED or fluorescent lighting can be integrated into the frames to ensure that products are ­presented in the best possible light.
Photo: SCHOTT/T. Bauer

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Based in Arvika, Sweden, SCHOTT Termofrost is one of the leading manufacturers of glass door systems for use in commercial refrigeration. The company develops, manufactures and sells glass door systems for commercial refrigeration devices.

SCHOTT Gemtron in Sweetwater, U.S.A., is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products made of glass, metal and plastic for the home appliance industry, as well as commercial refrigeration applications. Glass door solutions for commercial refrigeration systems are manufactured in Madisonville.

The SCHOTT Food Display activities are part of the SCHOTT Flat Glass Business Unit with manufacturing sites in Sweden, the Czech Republic, the United States, Brazil and Malaysia.