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oha communication accompanies the Software- Cluster at its debut at the CeBIT 2012

Stuttgart/Darmstadt (Germany), February 24, 2012 – Europe’s leading Software-Cluster in southwest Germany has a clear mission: Here, the standards will be set for emergent software that enables companies to create flexible networks. Results of the research and cooperation projects can be experienced for the first time at the CeBIT 2012. oha communication supports the Leading-Edge Cluster in working on international media relations.

When it comes to enterprise software, Germany leads the way. In the southwest of the country, the Software-Cluster forms a unique network of leading universities and research facilities, innovative small businesses and strong global players to set the standards for the management of dynamically networked business processes: Emergent Software. For this reason, the Software-Cluster has been awarded in the Leading-Edge Cluster Competition by the Federal Government.

The internet-based management software of the future is to be open, scalable and service-orientated.  For in a in a digital company, the critical driving force behind product and process innovations is software. This calls for a new kind of architecture, new interface standards and new quality and security concepts. Creating these is the goal of the Software-Cluster. First results will be presented at the CeBIT in Hannover, from March 6-10, 2012.

„The CeBIT is the digital industry’s most important and most international communication platform worldwide“, says Bernd Hartmann, Press Officer of the Software-Cluster Coordination Office in Darmstadt. „oha communication is very experienced in establishing national and international media relations. I’m glad that we are now working together in introducing the Software-Cluster with its strengths, ambitions and activities.”

„By helping to establish ties and to provide understanding, we support on an interpersonal level what Emergent Software achieves technologically between company and systems“, Oliver Frederik Hahr, Head of oha communication in Stuttgart explains. „In both cases it becomes evident: The added value of innovation grows out of networking, in dialogue and through working together to reach a goal.”

Results of the research and cooperation activities in the Software-Cluster can be experienced for the first time at the CeBIT 2012: How do air cargo logistics look in the digital age? How can a factory be maintained remotely by using 3D visualization? How can software help to optimize business models? Discover the new generation of enterprise software together with the experts at the Software-Cluster in Hall 9, booth F 30.

Oliver Frederik Hahr (left) from oha communication accompanies the Software-Cluster to the CeBIT 2012. At right: Press Officer Bernd Hartmann.
Source: oha communication.

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The Software Cluster, winner of the German government’s Leading-Edge Cluster Competition, is a unique consortium of software development companies and research institutes in Germany and Europe. It combines the research excellence of Germany’s leading computer science faculties with the economic strength of Germany’s largest software companies and the innovative expertise of the many small and medium-sized businesses in the southwest German region of Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe and Saarbrücken. This allows research results to be translated into innovative products and services and introduced into the marketplace more quickly.

oha communication is a consultancy and agency for international public relations. The team supports companies in attracting the attention of selected target groups, in particular in the fields of design, technology and healthcare. The services include profile development, strategic and country-specific PR advisory as well as the coordination and implementation of PR activities. oha communication was founded in 2007 by Oliver Frederik Hahr and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.