SCHOTT Eternaloc® Terminal Headers Now Available with Electrical Assembly

Simplified “one-stop” sourcing thanks to fully-certified LNG component sets

Mainz (Germany), April 4, 2017 – The German-based component manufacturer SCHOTT has announced that its ‘Eternaloc’ terminal headers, used to safely supply electricity to the pumps of cryogenic LNG tanks, are now available with an integrated electrical assembly. Additionally, type test and certification services are now offered as well. For SCHOTT’s customers, this one-stop solution minimizes effort and costs related to coordinating these processes amongst several parties. Decades of in-house type testing experience, a commitment to safety and adhering to regulatory standards helps provide peace of mind for components manufacturers.

At Gastech Japan (booth 7315), SCHOTT will present its latest ‘Eternaloc’ terminal headers which are now offered with matching electrical assemblies. In addition to the hermetic feedthrough, the set includes the conduit, junction box and cable gland for connecting with the external electricity supply. It can also include the cryo-cables for use inside the tank. The complete assembly safely supplies the pumps and expanders inside the LNG vessel with power, system control capabilities, and instrumentation signals.

Simplified sourcing and certification

“By offering the entire fully-certified system, we remove the burden from customers of having to go through multiple laborious procurement and certification processes,” explains Mr. Thomas Goettlinger, Sales Director LNG in the Nuclear Safety Division of SCHOTT Electronic Packaging in Landshut, Germany. “Given the importance of safety in LNG applications, the admission process is very demanding. We go to great lengths to complete the process of testing and certifying each individual component and completed assembly as required.”

Building on extensive R&D and manufacturing experience, SCHOTT has been enhancing its in-house competencies in engineering and testing since the early 1970s in accordance with IEEE standards. In addition to technical calculations, product design and simulations, SCHOTT has the capability to perform type tests in-house. These include pressure resistance and leakage tests, electrical tests and thermal cycling tests at cryogenic temperatures.

Small component – Big impact

To maintain the integrity of the pressure vessel, the feedthroughs must remain hermetically sealed – even in case of an accident. Though small in size, the failure of a terminal header assembly can lead to performance or even leakage issues that can bring about expensive down times for maintenance. In a more severe instance, the leakage of flammable boiling natural gas into the atmosphere could have catastrophic consequences.

Reduced total cost of ownership through maintenance-free terminal headers

The key to superior reliability lies in Schott’s unique sealing technology. SCHOTT’s terminal header assemblies are manufactured using gas-tight, non-aging glass-to-metal compression sealing, which has proven to be the safest, most reliable technology. Since 1985, thousands of ‘Eternaloc’ terminal header assemblies have been installed worldwide in onshore, offshore and small-scale LNG applications. All of them are performing maintenance-free since the date of installation. For owners and operators of LNG facilities, this means reduced total cost of ownership that helps create substantial value while offering peace of mind.

Exceptional expertise

“We have unmatched technical knowledge when it comes to explosion-proof, hermetic cable penetrations for the most demanding fields, including nuclear power, hydrogen-cooled generators and LNG applications,” says Mr. Goettlinger. “In close consultation with the customer, we design suitable solutions and have the experience to handle and significantly simplify the operational qualification process for the certification of terminal headers and electrical assemblies.”

Available as compactly designed single or double barrier feedthroughs, SCHOTT ‘Eternaloc’ terminal header assemblies are compliant and explosion-proof in accordance with the international IECEx scheme and European ATEX directive. They can also be certified in accordance with local regulations, such as KOSHA for South Korea, CU TR for Russia, PESO for India and CSA or UL for USA and Canada. Most ship classification rules are also supported.

Simplified “one-stop” sourcing through fully-certified component sets: SCHOTT now offers ‘Eternaloc’ terminal headers for LNG applications with matching electrical assemblies. In addition to the hermetic feedthrough, the set includes the conduit, cable, junction box and cable gland for connecting with the external electricity supply. Source: SCHOTT

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Keeping your cool: Thanks to maintenance-free safety, SCHOTT ‘Eternaloc’ terminal headers for LNG applications offer reduced total cost of ownership and peace of mind. Source: SCHOTT

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SCHOTT’s Electronic Packaging Business Unit, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of electrical feedthroughs for harsh environment applications like LNG vessels, terminals and nuclear power plants. With 1,500 employees at five production locations and several competence centers worldwide, local customer support, and co-developments are the heart of the business. Drawing upon more than 130 years of experience in specialized glass technologies, SCHOTT’s feedthroughs for submerged pumps and turbine expanders are installed in storage tanks, LNG vessels, and in power generators for CNG. SCHOTT Eternaloc terminal header assemblies are ATEX and IECEx certified and remain maintenance-free over decades. Available with single or double seals, they are based on proprietary glass-to-metal sealing technology, which is deemed to be the safest technology available today. For more information, visit