As business consultants in international PR, we provide expertise to our clients and improve the prerequesites for efficiently achieving individual goals.


We advise managers personally and with an external perspective in goal-oriented communication with their internal and external stakeholders as well as in conflicts and critical situations.

Profile Development:

We assist our clients in developing a unique profile that displays their strengths and demonstrates relevance for the targeted markets.

Topic Planning:

We advise on content strategies, topic development and the right timing to actively support successful national and international business.

International PR:

We support PR managers in expanding the reach of their international activities. We provide orientation in foreign media markets, inform about the “do’s and don’ts” and develop individual communication strategies.

Lead Agency:

As a strategic partner, we assist our clients in choosing and controlling creative service providers nationally and internationally.

Process Optimization:

Together with our customers, we specify goals, measures, roles and processes to ensure the effectiveness of organized communication.

Internet Marketing:

The internet is of paramount importance for international communication. The advantage lies in its versatility, cost-effectiveness and the measurability of success. We support with content marketing and activities in social networks, blogs, forums and messaging tools.