International PR

oha communication supports customers and editors with highly professional services to facilitate the dialogue between companies and their stakeholders.


Press releases, articles or keynotes – our authors are experienced writers and rhetoricians. They have the ability to transform messages into interesting news, appealing background stories or impressive speeches.



We work with companies in developing a visual identity including photos, informative illustrations, and films that are becoming increasingly important for media relations.



Reaching the right recipient with the right topic is crucial. We research internationally and provide individually composed media lists with the suitable editorial contacts and media data. In addition, we provide the infrastructure to get journalists and other stakeholders informed.



By establishing relationships with key editors and developing topics individually, we help journalists in getting an exclusive story. This way our clients gain the attention of leading media.



The quantity and quality of contacts whose attention has been attracted, is an indicator of the “Return on Investment” of communication. Evaluation is an important part of our daily business.


Corporate Websites:

The Internet offers the infrastructure to inform customers, employees and journalists about the company, its products and services. We develop websites with high usability and search engine optimized, comprehensible and attractive content.


Corporate Publishing:

Providing potential customers and employees with high-quality information in attractive print and online publications is a powerful way to show appreciation.