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New visual identity gives PODIUM power – red dot design award and ECHO Klassik for music festival

Stuttgart/Esslingen (Germany), October 18, 2010 – PODIUM has a new visual identity. The Corporate Design developed by Marc Engenhart moves classical music into the focus of young people while also including the connoisseurs. For this, PODIUM that was honored yesterday with this year’s ECHO Klassik, was awarded with the international red dot communication design award – an exceptional honor for a music event.

They want to pave the way for a new performance culture of classical music. Therefore, the inventors of the PODIUM gather young outstanding artists from all over Europe in Esslingen on the Neckar (Germany) every year. Self started and committed, they develop the performances to  a high standard and put into practice the joint vision of a young European music festival that appeals to guests of all ages.

„The artists here, play on an advanced international stage“, says Marc Engenhart who developed the festival’s new Corporate Design. “My goal was to make this level visible with the creation of its new visual identity. The new signet symbolizes tone, note, viola, play, sound, music, dissonance and free form. The brand is powerful. But instead of drowning out the music, it forms a sonorous harmony.”

PODIUM moves into focus

„Building the bridge for young people to this classical music festival was an exciting challenge“, says Marc Engenhart. “For the poster and program, we took photos of a cellist in full action. His outline appears in a flurry of camera flashes, in strong and dramatic colors. This digital aesthetic is usually uncommon for classical music. And it’s this creative treatment that gives the festival’s image, a unique and interesting flavour.”

„This new appearance is beyond price for us“, enthuses Steven Walter, Artistic Director of the festival. „It perfectly symbolizes the character of the PODIUM as a professional festival –combining high-quality music with the charm of youth and conceptual freshness. We now receive a completely new form of attention – not only from visitors of all ages, but also from sponsors, partners, the media and the public.”

Internationally decorated

PODIUM has just been awarded with the ECHO Klassik in the Category „Sonderpreis für Nachwuchsförderung” (Special price for the promotion of young talents). ECHO Klassik is the most important German award in the field of music. But not only has the festival itself caused a sensation in the music scene. In 2010, its new visual identity was rewarded with a red dot communication design award. With more than 12,000 applications from more than 60 nations, the red dot award is one of the most important design contests worldwide.

The heads of the festival, Steven Walter (left) and Minh Schumacher in front of a poster showing the former Corporate Identity in 2009. Source: PODIUM - Junges Europäisches Musikfestival Esslingen

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The PODIUM’s new brand visualizes the character of the music festival: Jung, precise and on a high level. Source: PODIUM - Junges Europäisches Musikfestival Esslingen

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The new Corporate Design breaks fresh ground – the digital aesthetics of the picture in the background that evolved from a special flash method, gives the festival a young appearance. Source: PODIUM - Junges Europäisches Musikfestival Esslingen.

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PODIUM – Junges europäisches Musikfestival Esslingen (Germany) is a classical music festival that stands for artistic quality, musical engagement and organizational innovation. Outstanding young musicians from all over Europe meet every spring in Esslingen on the Neckar in Germany to play music together. The organizers – all young people between 15 and 25 years –

want to rethink the classical concert and pave the way to a new performance culture. Openness, variety, delight in playing, artistic excellence and authenticity of all involved parties are the attributes that make the internationally known PODIUM festival a path-breaking initiative in the cultural landscape. In 2010, PODIUM has been awarded with an ECHO Klassik in the Category “Sonderpreis für Nachwuchsförderung” (Special price for the promotion of young talents).

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