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Specialist Agency Matchtech is launching in Stuttgart

Stuttgart (Germany) / Southampton (England), December 10, 2009 – Matchtech is opening its first German office in Stuttgart. The English employment agency specialising in technical professions is looking to continue its expansion into mainland Europe. Manager Ed Wright is currently employing mainly experienced Engineers, in order to support clients within the automotive, aviation and renewable energy industries.

„We offer the right technical specialists at the right time“, says Ed Wright, Manager of Matchtech GmbH in Stuttgart.  “In order to support our clients with their projects, we are currently recruiting specialists with technical expertise and project experience.  But we would also welcome Engineers who would like to develop their leadership skills.  Joining Matchtech is not only worthwhile from the point of view of broadening one’s horizons“, Ed Wright adds.

The Law on Temporary Employment ensures that Project Engineers will be treated the same as their colleagues by their employers in terms of working hours, remuneration and holiday entitlement.  Matchtech encourages employee flexibility with greater incentives, further education opportunities in addition to a comprehensive relocation service, should a project require a move within Germany or internationally.

„Project working with clients offers great opportunities for Engineers“, says Ed Wright. „The technical demands are varied and getting an insight into the processes of different organisations increases one’s sensitivity when developing possible solutions.  At the same time, one can significantly strengthen one’s leadership skills and grow one’s personal network. This can often lead to that longed-for dream job.“

The focus areas of Matchtech include the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, aviation and aerospace, ship-building, renewable energy and power station construction in addition to pharmaceuticals.  In order to provide customers with optimum support, Matchtech develops task-specific job designs and provides advice on recruitment.  The employment advisors themselves are technically trained.  This eases communication and ensures appropriate placements.

Ed Wright is Manager of Matchtech GmbH, Stuttgart. The employment agency for technical professions provides specialists to clients within the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace and also in the area of renewable energy. Source: Matchtech GmbH.

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Matchtech GmbH is a recruitment agency which specialises in technical professions.  Its focus areas are the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, aviation and aerospace, ship-building, renewable energy and power station construction, in addition to pharmaceuticals.  The company was founded in October 2009 and is part of the Matchtech Group plc, England.  The technically trained staff advisors in the Stuttgart headquarters support companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in finding the best-suited candidates for their project groups.  In this way, Matchtech works closely with clients and applicants in order to provide the right technical specialists at the right time.

Matchtech Group plc is one of the best known and largest employment agencies in England and is a market leader in technical professions.  The company was founded in 1984 in the southern English seaport of Southampton and has seen rapid growth.  Matchtech has been listed in the AIM segment (Alternative Investment Market) of the London Stock Exchange since October 2006.  This brings with it the obligation to adhere to the highest quality standards, underlined by branch audits and ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification.  Furthermore, Matchtech was one of the first companies to successfully achieve the British Standard certification for Business Continuity BS25999.  During the 2008 financial year, Matchtech had more than 200 employment advisors and achieved a turnover of £258 Million (284 Million €).