Clearly Positioned

SCHOTT® SeeClear sets distinct standards in home appliance designs with mirror glasses.

The kitchen has become a living room. New materials – especially glass – are increasingly being used to design innovative furniture and home appliances. Mirror-coated glasses, which were originally developed for architectural use, offer brilliant design options. Due to the glasses’ mirror effect, however, displays and graphics are often difficult to distinguish. SCHOTT® SeeClear is an innovative product that allows for removing the mirror-coating at selected positions with high precision to set distinct accents.

”The operating and display elements of home appliances ­become much more visible. This makes them even more user friendly,” explains Nicola Avi, Director of Marketing, Sales and New Products at SCHOTT Italvetro in Borgo a Mozzano, Italy, where the new process was developed. ”In addition, SeeClear ­allows for new decorative options. Brand logos, design elements and patterns appear in much higher precision and brilliance with the new process. Fancy new 3D aesthetics are also possible by precisely removing the coating on the front side and combining it with color and pattern printing on the back side,” he adds.

Especially in countries like Italy, Poland, Turkey and Brazil, shimmering mirror-coated glasses are quite popular in kitchens. Now, there are no more limits to the creative designs of this glass. SCHOTT is presenting this innovation to the home appliance industry to enable innovative designs for high-quality glass fronts and control panels of ovens, glass cooktop panels for gas cookers, refrigerators and other home appliances, like coffee machines and microwaves. Like all glasses from SCHOTT Flat Glass, SCHOTT® SeeClear is a high value security glass that offers high impact and temperature resistance.

SCHOTT SeeClear sets distinct standards in home appliance designs with mirror glasses. Source: SCHOTT

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