SCHOTT’s “Eye-Safe” Laser Glass

LG-940 for 1.5 μm lasers in medical applications, analytical measurement and range finding

Munich / Mainz (Germany), May 7, 2013 – At the Laser World of Photonics, SCHOTT showcases its “eye-safe” LG-940. This laser glass is ideal for operation at 1.5 μm in medical applications, analytical measurement and range finding. It is offered as a laser component, finished to custom specifications with a high laser damage threshold dielectric coating.

„We have expanded the range of glasses and laser components for applications where eye safety is of significant concern,” says Peter Held, Sales Manager of SCHOTT Advanced Optics. “Our new laser glass emits in the infrared at an eye-friendly wavelength around 1.54 μm. It is ideally suited for cosmetic laser treatments in dermatology or range finding.”

SCHOTT provides fully finished components, which are customized to a particular wavelength and absorption spectrum for applications with diode pumped or flash lamp pumped systems. These components are available as rods, slabs and other complex formats. Doping levels, depending on cavity geometry, power levels and pumping methods, can be optimized to customers’ specific requirements from prototypes to high-volume quantities.

Consistent materials properties, polishing and high quality coating processes result in reliable high damage threshold – ideal for demanding pulsed and continuous wave (CW) applications. Besides laser glass, SCHOTT also manufactures mirrors, lenses and polarizers to provide customers with a single source for active laser glass and complementary components, ensuring the proven SCHOTT quality and value throughout the entire system.

Additional information:

"Eye-Safe" laser glass LG-940 is ideal for medical applications, analytical measurement and range finding. It can be tailored to customer specifications and is supplied as fully finished component, simplifying the supply chain and ensuring that the final performance of the glass meets or exceeds customer specifications.

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