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SCHOTT allows for customizable fireplace solutions with its glass ceramic “Robax”

Mainz / Frankfurt am Main (Germany), March 15, 2011 – The guiding principle “form follows function” has influenced the high-quality brand SCHOTT “Robax” for over 30 years. To meet the individual needs of fireplace lovers in terms of contemporary styles and designs, SCHOTT constantly develops new design options for its heat-resistant glass ceramic. Fireplace viewing panels in unusual shapes that feature creative decorative designs will again set accents at the ISH.

SCHOTT “Robax” allows for perfect viewing of a fire and protects against smoke and flying sparks. Known for its resistance to breakage, heat resistance and transparency, the robust glass ceramic is also available with an “Energy Plus” coating that reflects heat radiation. This can result in an increase in temperature inside the firebox and thus facilitate more complete and cleaner combustion. Besides, the extra energy can even be stored or used to heat water.

In addition to its functional aspects, SCHOTT “Robax” also scores points with its wide variety of available formats and styles. “We are constantly adding to the range of shapes, decorative colors and patterns,” says Toni Münch, Product Manager for SCHOTT “Robax” in Mainz. “The trend towards large and three-dimensionally shaped panels still applies. These panels offer new perspectives on the fire and form the basis for individual fireplace designs.”

For the first time ever, SCHOTT will be presenting a 90° curved panel with a large bending radius in addition to flat, angled and round designs at ISH. According to Toni Münch, this panel offers a wide range of benefits: “Due to its large bending radius, the viewing panel allows for an unobstructed view of the fire from almost any position in the room. Its curved shape is ideally suited for corner fireplaces even in smaller rooms because of its small footprint.”

The four millimeter thick panel can be decorated using various lead-free and thus environmentally friendly decorative colours. At ISH, SCHOTT will be presenting its expanded range of ceramic colours. In addition to “mystic black”, “pure black”, “volcano grey”, “tin grey”, “amber gold”, “polar white” and “autumn red”, the color “graphite grey” will now be available. All eight colours are suited for decorating the smooth surface of these fireplace viewing panels and are extremely temperature and abrasion resistant.

With the development of impressive decorative designs, the range of design options has been expanded systematically. In addition to the familiar frame designs, consumers can now choose from clear and reduced mosaics, romantic plant ornaments or playful graphic designs. “Colorful designs and patterns offer a chance to stand out,” Toni Münch explains. “This gives these products a distinctive design character and clearly distinguishes them from standard products,” he adds.

Due to its large bending radius the 90° curved ROBAX® glass ceramic panel allows for an unobstructed view of the fire from almost any position in the room. Source: SCHOTT

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