Large Format Synthetic Fused Silica

Homogeneous and free from inclusions: SCHOTT “Lithosil” for lenses of up to 700 mm in diameter

Jena/Munich (Germany), June 16, 2009 — At “Laser – World of Photonics”, SCHOTT will be presenting a large plate made of the synthetic fused silica “Lithosil” in a typical format of 1050 x 580 x 35 mm. This exhibit stands for the expertise that SCHOTT has in manufacturing homogeneous, ultrapure and bubble-free blanks for large format lenses.

These products are now available on a standard basis in dimensions of up to 700 mm in diameter and 110 kg respectively. Furthermore, homogeneity of up to < 5 ppm is achieved and they are completely free of all types of inclusions or bubbles. These products are known for their extremely high transmission in the UV and VIS range, as well as extremely low stress birefringence. The sample on display that is made of the synthetic fused silica “Lithosil” rounds off the portfolio of large format blanks that SCHOTT offers. At the same time, formats of up to 1000 mm in diameter can also be achieved using traditional optical glass types, such as N-BK7, LLF1 and others. Typical applications for large “Lithosil” blanks include astronomy and lithography, but also large format lenses for use in conventional optics. “With these large formats, our unique expertise lies in customer-specific forming of shapes,” notes Peter Maushake, Product Manager at SCHOTT Advanced Optics for the “Lithotec” products. In addition to the dimensions presented here, a wide variety of different geometries are possible thanks to customer-specific slumping. “Our colleagues who work in sales and research and development support our customers in realizing their projects. Virtually anything is possible,” Maushake points out.

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