Power Pack for the Fireplace: “Robax Energy Plus”

SCHOTT presents a global first: round bent fireplace viewing panel with a heat reflective coating

Mainz (Germany) / Verona (Italy) February 10, 2010 — SCHOTT will be introducing a new heat reflective coating for ―Robax‖ at the international exhibition on wood-fired heating ―Progetto Fuoco‖ in Verona, Italy. The transparent viewing panel for fireplaces is made of heat-resistant glass-ceramic. This allows the visible light of the dancing flames to pass through, while a share of the heat radiation is reflected back into the combustion chamber. This results in a noticeable increase in stored energy. For the first time ever, SCHOTT will now be offering this coating for round bent viewing panels.

The international technology group SCHOTT has developed a new coating for its “Robax” viewing panels for fireplaces. The evenly bluish shimmering coating reflects up to 35% of the heat radiation that a fire generates back into the combustion chamber. This reduces the energy that is emitted through the pane and significantly increases the temperature inside the heating device.
The surplus energy can be used to heat up water-bearing components in an efficient manner or be stored. This, in turn, helps lower the heating costs thanks to the improved use of the heat energy from burning the firewood.
“The higher temperature inside the combustion chamber results in more efficient combustion and thus lower emission values,” explains Isabel Eymael, Marketing Manager for “Robax” at SCHOTT in Mainz. “Besides, Robax Energy Plus also contributes towards reducing the soiling of the panels with respect to soot, for instance. This makes it a lot easier to keep the glass-ceramic clean.”

One thing is for sure, “Robax Energy Plus” makes wood-fired heating much safer. Due to the fact that the panel allows less heat to pass through it, the room in which the fireplace is located can be heated much more evenly to provide greater comfort. In addition, the floor in front of the heating device remains a lot cooler. “Furniture can be moved closer to the viewing area of the fireplace to enhance the entire fireplace experience,” Eymael adds.
As a world first, SCHOTT will be offering the durable coating for both flat as well as round bent fireplace viewing panels made of “Robax”. Neither heat of up to 650 degrees Celsius nor extreme changes in temperature have any effect on “Robax Energy Plus”. The coating also remains functional over time. “Robax Energy Plus” will be available in thicknesses of 4 and 5 mm and sizes of up to 1914 mm x 1060 mm.
The transparent glass-ceramic “Robax” from SCHOTT has been a proven success when it comes to ensuring safe viewing of a fire’s dancing flames for over 30 years. Its excellent deformability, functional coatings and the possibility of including designs in various colors and patterns make “Robax” an extremely interesting product for use in designing customized, high quality fireplaces. The applications technology laboratory at SCHOTT also offers comprehensive application services.
For further information: www.schott.com/robax

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