oha communication welcomes Bianke Müller on board

Stuttgart (Germany), November 17, 2015 – In a fresh breeze, Bianke Müller (19) has started as an intern at oha communication. Since November, she has been assisting in online projects, texts and media research, the daily tasks in international PR.

From South Africa via the USA to Germany: Bianke has already crossed several frontiers. In Germany, she first visited the secondary school and then completed her Abitur degree at the high school for international economics in Esslingen a.N. (Zell). For her future, Bianke is heading for studies in media and communication. Before and after graduating, she gathered first impressions in the fields of radio, advertising and event planning.

“Our engagement includes supporting young people on the journey to their individual goals,” says Oliver Frederik Hahr of oha communication. “Intercultural experience and practice crate the perfect conditions to broaden the horizon in an increasingly global economy.”

Bianke wants to learn the art of using communication tools in a targeted way. Therefore she now directed her compass on PR and looks towards the coming period with anticipation. “As the media world is diversified, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about its depths. This allows me to make better decisions on which areas I see my strengths in and into which directions I want to develop. Therefore, I am looking forward to the time that is given me here at oha communication.”

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oha communication is a consultancy and agency for public relations. We meet communicative challenges with courage and creative ideas. Our team supports companies in attracting the attention of selected target groups at home and abroad. The services include profiling, strategic and market-specific PR advisory as well as the coordination and implementation of PR activities. Our services help companies and journalists alike to tell a story in an appealing and comprehensible manner. oha communication was founded in 2007 by Oliver Frederik Hahr and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.