Sparkling new: Carl Schaefer Jewellery

CSPMI brings together the entire value chain under one roof and creates innovation in precious metals

Pforzheim/Munich, January 19, 2015 – Carl Schaefer has been one of the leading processors of precious metals in Europe since 1861. CSPMI, the youngest company in the group, is starting at the Inhorgenta with a collection of its own: “Carl Schaefer Jewellery” is a euro-oriental jewellery line – Made in Germany. CSPMI is thereby positioning itself as a globally oriented development and manufacturing partner for the industry.

Creating something new is the ambition of Carl Schaefer Precious Metals Innovation GmbH. CSPMI, established in July 2014, can thereby rely on the broad-based and tradition-rich competencies of the group: for over 153 years, precious metals have been recycled and refined here. More than 2500 alloys – processed in an ISO certified manner to high quality wires, metal sheets and other semi-finished products – form the basis for manufacturing new goods.

“Short distances enable us to make major steps: At CSPMI, we are able to offer the creation, development and manufacture of precious metal products from a single source”, explains Daniel Schnelle, the Managing Director of the Carl Schaefer Group. “Cutting-edge technologies in CAD development, 3D printing, CNC machining and vacuum casting thereby combine with traditional craftsmanship and inspiring design from all over the world.”

The first brilliant piece is the own brand “Carl Schaefer Jewellery”. The collection being showcased at the Inhorgenta includes, among others, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings – individually or in sets, in 14, 21 and 22 carat gold and other alloys. These premium pieces of jewellery thereby offer a combination of Oriental and European influences. The specially developed designs are modelled and produced to the highest quality by CSPMI’s own internationally experienced team.

“In this segment, we are the first to produce in the heart of Europe. Close to the customer, in guaranteed top quality, and with much more efficiency, flexibility and service orientation than an importer could ever offer. And on this basis, we will keep on creating further benefits”, explains Baris Bayrak, the Managing Director of CSPMI. “Carl Schaefer Jewellery reflects innovative creativity that is deeply rooted in the diverse richness of the world’s cultures.”

The new jewellery brand is marketed via jewellers and wholesalers of Oriental and European jewellery. Through a multilingual online shop for retailers and through subsidiaries and partnerships, a rapid internationalisation will be supported. At the same time, CSPMI offers companies from around the world the infrastructure to be successful with cutting-edge innovations made in precious metals.

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CSPMI stands for Carl Schaefer Precious Metals Innovations. In Pforzheim, Germany, the company is leading the art of jewellery making to the next level: Here, the newest technologies in CAD development, 3D printing, CNC machining and vacuum casting are combined with traditional craftsmanship and inspiring design. An own, multi-national creative team develops the collections branded as ‘Carl Schaefer Jewellery’. In addition, pieces of outstanding quality are manufactured for customers from all around the world. CSPMI GmbH is part of the Carl Schaefer Group, since 1861 one of Europe’s leading precious metal processors and an ISO-certified, highly flexible partner of the jewellery industry.

CARL SCHAEFER, being a company group with its subsidiaries and branches across Europe, is now a more flexible, trustworthy and reliable partner in the precious metal processing industry and the creative crafts. Through recycling of precious metal, supplying of precious metal semi-finished products and precious metal management, Carl Schaefer GmbH & Co. KG guarantees its customers the highest level of quality in all product and service areas and is also a competent partner for all questions on precious metal as it is one of the oldest processors of precious metal in the world.