Heel: Grasping disease as a complex process

Politicians, scientists and doctors gathered at the British House of Lords to listen and discuss on the latest medical approaches

London, September 30, 2011 – The world of medicine is on the verge of a paradigm shift that calls for doctors to increasingly view the organism as a complex system, rather than focusing solely on one causal factor. This thesis stood in the center of the presentation by Dr. Alta Smit from Baden-Baden, Germany, on new medical approaches during a scientific meeting with 120 academics and practitioners held in the House of Lords in London. Experts are optimistic that the approaches she advocated could help lower healthcare costs.

Dr. Alta Smit, Director of Medical Affairs and Research for the German company Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, was invited to a celebration dinner in the Cholmondeley room at the House of Lords in London sponsored by The Lord Hameed of Hampstead and organized by Aaron Kenneth Ward-Atherton (The Lord of the Manors of Witley and Hurcott Worcestershire) and Roger Wilson, Managing Director of Bio Pathica Ltd., the distributor of Heel products in the UK.

Dr. Smit delivered her presentation to representatives of science and medical practice about the latest medical approaches and developments on Friday, September 16. “The main issue at stake is understanding disease and health”, as Dr. Smit explains: “Over the last 400 years, physicians have devoted almost all of their efforts to breaking a disease down into smaller and smaller pieces. The smallest pieces such as one receptor were all that they had been focusing on, also in drug development, not the complex processes and relationships that exist within the human body as a whole.”

Today, medical researchers are increasingly starting to take a closer look at the entire organism. “This approach allows us to treat patients much more comprehensively, and aims to support the self-regulating ability of the patient. For this reason, physicians should consider taking a holistic approach when making a diagnosis evaluating all the internal and external conditions and their interactions.” Smit recommends this approach, particularly when it comes to chronic diseases.

Dr. Smits’ theses were well received by the audience, especially as this approach could reduce side effects of treatments and therefore relieve the financial burden on healthcare providers caused by treatment, aftercare and diagnostic procedures. “The search for modern approaches to treatment and therapy is one of the main topics in healthcare – especially with respect to cost pressures. For this reason, this presentation held by one of the leading experts on natural medicine and research brought a number of valuable insights,” noted the event host and Academic Advisor, Aaron Kenneth Ward-Atherton.

The organizer of the event, Roger Wilson, is now hoping to see an improved interest in more complex natural approaches to medicine: “I am convinced that this talk will attract the interest of many politicians and medical practitioners and confirms them in their commitment to modernizing some areas of the British healthcare system.”

Following Dr. Smit’s presentation, the host, The Lord of Witley and Hurcott, remarked: “In an area that requires so much intensive research work, it is important that as practitioners we are always up to date with the latest scientific developments. Dr. Smit has shared some interesting cutting edge findings in medicine with us.” Aaron Kenneth Ward-Atherton sees opportunities to broaden medical care in scientific approaches utilizing biological medicine. As he put it, “Taking a holistic science-based approach to therapy opens up new treatment options for doctors and better prospects of complete recovery for patients without suffering side effects.”

Press photo, from left to right:
House of Lords’ special guests: Presenter Dr. Alta Smit of Heel with host Lord Aaron Kenneth Ward-Atherton, Guest of Honour Charles Tankward-Hahnemann, Céline Staudenmaier of Heel and Roger Wilson, Managing Director of Bio Pathica. Source: Bioathica Ltd.

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