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oha communication’s Oliver Hahr advises founders of delphit on the art of communication

Mannheim/Stuttgart (Germany), November 9, 2010 – delphit GmbH is a software and consulting company and was founded in May 2010 at the University of Mannheim by Sebastian Seitz and Martin Kolb. The software helps to create predictions on future developments. Thus, it reduces uncertainties in decision processes. The young entrepreneurs will learn how to raise their personal and product’s profile during regular practical workshops with Business Coach and PR Consultant, Oliver Hahr.

How do we position ourselves and how do we reach our target groups? Which media and networks are relevant for success and how do we power up media relations? Many questions need to be answered when a start-up begins communicating. The founders of delphit sought professional assistance. Within six months of coaching, they learn how to establish and optimize their communication with important target groups.

Oliver Frederik Hahr is the founder and head of the consultancy and agency for public relations oha communication in Stuttgart. During a coaching, he advises managers, the execution remains their responsibility. From an external perspective, he analyses the appearance and the target groups of a company. On this basis, communication measures are jointly developed. The implementation follows in a timely manner to enable continuous adjusting.

„Contents of the coaching are topics such as positioning and profile development, the definition of relevant opinion leaders, wording of messages, as well as the planning and implementation of communication measures”, Oliver Hahr explains. “To me, it is important to provide delphit with a toolbox that they can use single-handed on their way. Especially during the start-up phase it is crucial to communicate both efficiently and effectively”, he adds.

„We got to know Oliver Hahr in May as the lecturer of a PR Workshop for entrepreneurs”, says Sebastian Seitz, one of the founders of delphit. “At that time he already gave us useful tips for our communication. Now, that so many questions arise during the expansion of our company, it is very helpful to have a consulting entrepreneur on our side. During the coaching he really dwells on our individual challenges.”

The software and consulting company delphit GmbH was founded in May 2010 by Sebastian Seitz and Martin Kolb at the University of Mannheim. The information systems specialists developed a tool for predictions, whereby the users bet on the arrival of certain events. The generated data helps to indicate the probability of their occurrence. The predictions help to reduce uncertainty during decisions.

Oliver Hahr (left), PR consultant and founder of oha communication, supports Martin Kolb and Sebastian Seitz in setting up communications. The specialists for information systems founded the software and consulting company delphit at the University of Mannheim in May 2010.
Source: oha communication

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delphit supports in continuously making better decisions. To this end, the consulting company offers specialized prediction software. Who knows what is coming, can plan with more certainty, for example in Strategic Procurement, Supply Chain Management or Risk Management. Delphit GmbH was founded in 2010 by Sebastian Seitz and Martin Kolb at the Univrsity of Mannheim (Germany). The team is being supported by the University of Mannheim and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.
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oha communication is a consultancy and agency for international public relations. The team supports companies in attracting the attention of selected target groups, in particular in the fields of design, technology and healthcare. The services include profile development, strategic and country-specific PR advisory as well as the coordination and implementation of PR activities. oha communication was founded in 2007 by Oliver Frederik Hahr and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.
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