Hospitalar: Gateway to South America

The largest healthcare exhibition in Brazil unleashes potential for targeted PR work

Stuttgart, April 28, 2010 – Medical technology firms from all over the world are preparing for the ‘Hospitalar.’ The international tradeshow is being held from May 25-28, 2010 in São Paulo, Brazil. With around 60 events, the Hospitalar is the biggest technical forum und and most important market platform for health care in Latin America. In 2009 it recorded more than 1,200 exhibits and around 86,000 visits by experts from all over the world. Supplementary to exhibition participation, PR work can help increase awareness of products and services.

With a $121 billion turnover in 2008 – equivalent to around 8% of the gross domestic product – the healthcare sector counts as one of the most important industries in Brazil. From “Hospitalar” and parallel tradeshows such as “Odontobrasil,” “Diagnostica,” “Hospfarma” and “Rehabilitation” the industry achieved about a quarter of its annual turnover according to the organizer. That promises big market chances.

“German companies are well advised to support the success of their trade show appearance with media,” explains Oliver Hahr from the consultancy and agency for international public relations, oha communication, based in Stuttgart. “When comparing prices, the title ‘Made in Germany’ rarely holds good cards. The added value of innovative technology and high quality is necessary to explain – that holds true even for established brands.”

Well done PR work presents a sensible supplement or alternative to advertisements. To inform the industry, magazines such as “Revista Hospitais Brasil”, “Fornecedores Hospitalares”, “Saúde Business” and “Prática Hospitalar” cater to the appropriate platforms. They reach a circulation between 9,000 to 12,000 copies.  In addition, online portals such as “” and “” register around 100,000 visits per month.

Whoever the decision maker in the public and private clinics, nursing homes and laboratories in Brazil wants to reach, must first find the appropriate contact for the selected publication and for push for his subject/theme. Sending press material via E-Mail is also standard in Brazil. All texts should be delivered in the native language. Of course good press photos also shouldn’t be missing.

The personal exchange – by telephone, or even better, face to face – is the prerequisite for a confident relationship that isn’t only just successful in Brazil. For a press discussion, an interpreter should always be present. And don’t forget: Editors are not interested in the product, rather the reader relevant information and the story.

The international tradeshow, “Hospitalar” held from May 25-28, 2010 in São Paulo, Brazil. The show is the most important meeting point for the health care industry in Latin America. Source: Jefferson Bernardes/

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