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Increasingly popular: Fireplace viewing panels made of “Robax” from SCHOTT deliver flickering flames in large 3D format

Mainz / Frankfurt am Main (Germany), January 14, 2011 – SCHOTT is looking forward to a bright future as it gets ready for the ISH exhibition. Despite the economic crisis, demand for “Robax” rose during its last fiscal year. One reason is that ever larger and higher quality fireplace viewing panels, for which temperature-resistant glass-ceramic is particularly well-suited, are becoming more and more popular. A wide variety of different shapes and sizes allow for customized fireplace designs.

Fireplace stoves with viewing panels are becoming more and more popular. They bring the warmth and magical power of a crackling fire to the comfort of one’s own living room. At the same time, the protective pane also protects against flying sparks and smoke. In fact, it can even contribute to improved combustion and increase the heating and storage efficiency of these devices. SCHOTT, the company that manufactures “Robax” fireplace viewing panels, traditionally presents its latest innovations at ISH.

“Most recently, we developed a heat reflective coating that allows for a significantly better energy and ecological balance for fireplace stoves. For the first time ever, this is now available for round shaped “Robax” panels,” explains Isabel Eymael, Marketing Manager for SCHOTT “Robax”. “Now, we are expanding our assortment of different shapes and decorative colors. The trend continues to move towards large and three- dimensional panels that often feature customized decorative designs,” she adds.

According to an international study commissioned by SCHOTT, emotional aspects are important to consumers who are looking to purchase a fireplace. The European initiative “atmosfire” that SCHOTT “Robax” founded in eight countries, together with six major fireplace manufacturers, in 2008, builds on this aspect. The goal is to inspire consumers and help them to select the right fireplace model.

Based on the motto “Make your house a home,” the first European online service platform offers information on fireplaces at a very emotional level. The initiative is being shared with the public with the help of a large-scale advertising campaign in general interest media. In addition, sales promotion activities that include the popular glossy magazine “atmosfire” and a competition for those who buy and sell fireplaces are taking place across Europe in more than 1,400 fireplace shops.

“Robax” from SCHOTT has served as a high-quality German brand for more than 30 years. To date, over 60 million of these durable glass-ceramic panels have been sold all over the world. Thanks to its transparency, high temperature stability and resistance to breakage, it is mostly used as a viewing panel. Furthermore, body-tinted versions of “Robax” are also available for use as interior and exterior linings of fireplaces and fireplace stoves.

Fireplace viewing panels made of SCHOTT ROBAX® are available in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Source: SCHOTT

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