Dream job in the creative industry

Stuttgart’s agencies offer students insights into design and communication professions

Stuttgart (Germany), July 16, 2012 – Students of the Hölderlin School in Stuttgart visited the Public Relations agency oha communication and the design bureau Engenhart. With the agency heads Oliver Hahr and Marc Engenhart they discussed career opportunities, everyday tasks and important skills in the media world.

What do you want to be? This question hangs in the air for many 14-year-olds.  Half of the 15 students who gathered initial impressions of agency life in the media house in Seidenstraße 57 already knew their answer to this question. As it turned out during the conversation, creative professions are becoming increasingly popular. About one-third of the students mentioned career aspirations such as journalist, designer or advertiser.

Matching this development, Baden-Württemberg is considered as an important site of the culture and media industry on the national level. As just recently published in a trend barometer of the Stuttgart Media University, the industry with 210.000 employees is the fourth largest in Baden-Württemberg. In comparison:  that is 30.000 less than in vehicle construction, but 49.000 more than in the banking and insurance sector.

„Many young people are enthusiastic about the jobs in our industry, but often they have just a very rough idea of what that means “, explains Oliver Hahr, PR consultant and founder of oha communication. „In dialogue with the professionals, the students get useful impressions of the requirements, characteristics and prospects of this branch of industry which they can deepen during an internship and their later studies. “

Lena Müller, who in 2010 passed her career-oriented internship (BOGY) at oha communication at the age of 16 and since then contributed several times in the agency, told the students: „My BOGY internship helped me a lot to understand what communication specialists do in their daily work. My advice is to try out many different things so that you know what you enjoy and which profession is best suited to you. “

The exchange was part of the school subject „Life Skills” that prepares the students of the Hölderlin School under guidance of Heinz Eppelsheimer for their career entry and other out-of-school challenges.  From the ninth grade on, visits of companies in the region of Stuttgart as well as an application training are realized in cooperation with the Junior Chamber Stuttgart.

Leaving a mark through communication design: Students play with the logo of engenhart stuttgart * berlin. Source: oha communication

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What do you want to be? Students of the ninth grade of the Hölderlin School in Stuttgart learned about career opportunities in the creative industry. Source: oha communication

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Lena Müller passed her first career-oriented internship at oha communication at the age of 16 and felt encouraged in her way to PR.
Source: oha communication

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Engenhart Stuttgart * Berlin was founded in 2004 by the graphic designer Marc Engenhart and operates in all areas of visual and verbal communication. The services in the field of graphic design include both single projects and the support of complex Corporate Design and Corporate Identity processes. Among the customers are private enterprises and artistic and cultural institutions. www.engenhart.com.

oha communication is a consultancy and agency for international public relations. The team supports companies in attracting the attention of selected target groups, in particular in the fields of design, technology and healthcare. The services include profile development, strategic and country-specific PR advisory as well as the coordination and implementation of PR activities. oha communication was founded in 2007 by Oliver Frederik Hahr and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. www.oha-communication.com.