Heel: Natural Osteoarthritis Help for Dogs

Homeopathic combination medications have longer-lasting effects on degenerative joint disease than conventional medicine

Baden-Baden (Germany) August 15, 2011 – If an older dog is limping more often, the most likely cause is osteoarthritis. Such agonizing joint disease can cause limited scope of movement or even joint destruction. Pain reducing and anti-inflammatory drugs such as Carprofen provide relief. However, a recent study sheds light on a natural pharmaceutical alternative that is better tolerated, longer lasting, and just as good as its conventional counterparts.

For decades, some homeopathic combination medications have not only proved effective, they can also keep up with conventional medication. This is documented by a growing number of scientific works in human and veterinary medicine. In February 2011, the prestigious “Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association” released a research study conducted in Germany, which caused sensation amongst dog owners.

At twelve veterinary clinics, 62 dogs with diagnosed osteoarthritis were treated either conventionally or with a natural alternative, a homeopathically manufactured combination medication. During the active treatment phase of 56 days, compounds in both test groups proved to be on a par. Both, veterinarians and dog owners stated that their animals had decreased lameness, stiffness of movement, and pain caused by touch.

Throughout the entire comparison (day 1, 28 and 56), a significant improvement in both test groups could be seen (p<0.05). The homeopathic remedy, however, sustained a longer-lasting effect in the subsequent wash-out phase of 14 days. Furthermore, no negative side effects were observed with the natural remedy, while in the Carprofen group one case of increased thirst and urination, one of intestinal inflammation (enteritis), and one of lethargy occurred.

The study was aimed to compare the efficacy of a homeopathic combination medication with standard drugs. Long-term observation was undertaken via a multi-center cohort study at 12 veterinary clinics between October 2005 and July 2006. All 62 participating pets were privately owned. Supported by Heel, the study was designed and conducted in conformity with the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease, during which cartilage decomposes and bone material builds up. Up to 20 per cent of all dogs suffer from this painful disease, mostly caused by injuries, overburdening or improper burdening of the joints. Immune related inflammations such as rheumatism or borreliosis are other, less frequent causes. Medication can help ease the dog’s pain and slow the progression of the disease.

Older dogs often suffer from degenerative joint disease. After a medical check-up the veterinarian can prescribe either conventional Carprofen or a natural pharmaceutical alternative, which has turned out to be effective in the same way, but far better tolerated.
Source: Heel.

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